Fino paytech overview

Fino is a professionally managed company and is the parent company of Fino payments bank, which was launched with a vision to catalyse nation-building by making every citizen financially secure. The company also aims to become the preferred bank for customers by providing the simplest & the most accessible financial services, to grow their wealth. The Fino Paytech Ltd IPO will offer Fino Paytech Limited Unlisted Shares/ Stocks which will then be listed. The company is the largest business correspondent in the country, which has played in favour of the Fino Paytech Ltd share price in the unlisted stock (share) market.

Products of the Company:


The company has developed applications to effectively acquire micro customers and allow entities using their platform to acquire micro customers using simple processes and minimal hardware.

  • Customer Acquisition System:?Tne company?s customer acquisition system is quick, simple and allows to enroll customers directly at their doorstep while maintaining the core essence of banking.
  • Hardware Solutions: This technology enables the clients to offer a rich variety of simple and accessible solutions with a whole range of products ? including Cards, handheld devices, biometric smart cards, backend switches and micro deposit machines.
  • Operations Solutions: The operations solutions team manages data messaging to churn out the required information for day-to-day planning and management of operations. The principals may either utilize some of the pre-designed reports by the company or ask for customized reports.


The company offer services to beneficiaries on behalf of the customers, in some of the most remote regions of the country. The model has the capability to cater to a diverse set of customers like banks, other financial institutions, and the government. The wide client base has helped to the company to increase its share in the market and has also helped to increase share value.

  • Business Correspondents Services:?The company is the largest business correspondent in India, having extensive reach in as many as 499 districts. The business correspondent model is a low-cost alternative banking channel for the bottom pyramid of the population with the use of technology.
  • Consultancy Services:?Fino Paytech Consultancy Services (FCS) has been created to bridge the gap between formal financial institutions and unbanked populations across the country, and to add value to emerging branchless and micro banking channels across the developing world.
  • Financial Literacy:?As an independent channel, the company focus on making customers aware of financial products through various financial literacy initiatives along with access to financial products and services.

The company, in addition to providing banking to the customers, provides services to various Fino Paytech Ltd Shareholders and stakeholders as mentioned below:

  • Banks:?The company provides services to various banks like Financial literacy and agent training, Kisan credit card and overdraft facility, lending to customers, remittances on behalf of customers of banks, self-help group and ultra-small The company also offers services of enrollment of customers on behalf of the bank, delivery of products and services at remotest regions, distribution and information systems, among others.
  • Health:?Micro Insurance like Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojna.
  • Government:?The company helps the government in the execution of schemes like MGNREGA, PFRDA and SSP.

The banking business of the company functions with the support of its wholly-owned subsidiary Fino Payments bank, while the lending business is through NBFC Fino Finance Pvt Ltd.